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Spiral Cell Illusion

Been living this Spiral Cell Illusion for more than two decades. Cells Spiral and create the Illusion of Time. This spiral motion occurs both ways. It represents the manifestation of the Quantum world.

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Spiral motion is the very feature that gets things going. Cells, the basic entity of the living, spirals outward for seven years. Then the are suddenly replaced by new ones, but possessing all the basic characteristics of the previous. Thus, the physical base is completely replaced every seven years.

We know it not because we are part of this constant change. The entire house, so to say, is not replaced in one go.

“Linear Time – It moves only in one direction – Forward – and we all know it”

The Illusion is caused by the linear motion of Time. The Identity is created out of the linear motion. It’s like a tangent on the spiral motion. Linear Time is short lived though it gives the Illusion of Infinity.

This is why the past is always dead and the future never arrives. But the Now exists on the Spiral and is therefore Real. The Past is left to best survive Metaphorically. It has nothing to do with the Physical Dimension. The Physical Past is always in Ruins.

Just one or even a few experiencing the Illusion of Time on the Spiral Cell is more than enough to create a dent. Our effort lies in how dead we can be to the Shock Waves.

It is the Nature of this Holographic Universe. We are projecting what we are programmed to. The Brain can do no more. The Holograms are independent from each other and yet drawing from the same source.